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Secure Your Valuables with Lockmaster1 Ltd’s Safe Supplying, Installing, and Opening Services in London

Posted on 05/-8/2023 At Lockmaster1 Ltd, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable possessions, documents, and heirlooms. Our safe supplying, installing, and opening services are designed to offer you top-notch security solutions for your residential or commercial needs. With our professional expertise and dedication to your safety, you can rest assured that your valuables […]


Upgrading Your Safe’s Keypad: The Transformative Journey from LA GARD 3750 to LA GARD 700

Introduction: Welcome to our blog! In the world of electronic keypads, advancements are constantly being made to enhance security and user experience. Today, we want to share with you a remarkable upgrade that can revolutionize your safe’s security—the transition from the outdated LA GARD 3750 keypad to the cutting-edge LA GARD 700. Join us as […]


Fire Safety Advice for Landlords

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords FIRE SAFETY ADVICE FOR LANDLORDS, MANAGING AGENTS, PRIVATE DWELLINGS, BLOCKS OF FLATS AND OWNERS OF HOUSES IN MULTIPLE OCCUPATION AND SOCIAL HOUSING. Just like employers, landlords have certain legal obligations when it comes to fire safety and protection of their properties and the safety of people who reside in their […]


Chubb Safe Installation Blackheath Village

Supplied and installed a Chubb Safe (30 minutes fire resistance EN15659, 30p £4k Rated certified by ECB.S level S2 burglar protected (EN 11450)) The customer called me from Blackheath Village (SE3) on Sunday as was he going away on holiday on Wednesday. I ordered the safe on Monday morning and picked it up from the wholesalers on […]


Latest News: Locksmith Services

Incident Report: Attempted Unauthorized Entry Date: 24/06/2024 Lost Keys Request: Yesterday, I received a WhatsApp call from an individual who claimed to have lost their keys. They asked if I could open their door and copy a key. After informing them of the additional charge due to the extra time required, they inquired about the […]


Lockmaster1 ID Verification Policy and Requirements

Lockmaster1 ID Requirements for Service At Lockmaster1, we prioritise your safety and the security of your property. To ensure that our services are provided only to those with the legal right to access a property, we require the following identification: Required IDs Government-issued photo ID: Driver’s licence Passport Proof of Residence: Utility bill (dated within […]